Despite Ongoing Decline in Traditional PC Demand, Sales Will Trump Tablets Through 2014



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Desktop and laptop usage went down at our home when we acquired a Kindle Fire HD tablet and a smartphone running Android. Serious web browsing, online shopping, creating/printing documents, and the occasional graphic design or song recording project are still done on our desktops and laptops



Sorry but i love my regular desktop and laptop. I dont think this technology is ready yet.



So how's the post-PC era going there? Not here yet? It's more like a post-Apple era.


Renegade Knight

Post PC just means "The Rise of Mobile Computing" That world makes it so PC's are like Trucks. Awesome if you need one but not everone needs one for heavy lifting. That was Jobs version of it. He had it right. A lot of Apple purists didn't read the entire quote from Jobs as they help up their iPads as shining beacons of all things future.

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