Despite Layoffs, Vudu Debunks Rumors of Demise and Hires New CFO



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What would you like to know?  Yes, we laid a few people off as part of a small change of business strategy.  Although unfortunate, it's not exactly an uncommon event.We're still here and aren't going anywhere in fact we've got a number of exciting and compelling features and products coming out over the next weeks and months.

And Keith, fwiw, the 99 for 99 promotion includes 99 carefully chosen "mainstream" titles.  The optional AVN channel is it's own thing that if you don't want, you don't have to see, at all.  It's just an additional content offering for those that might want it.

Patrick Ellis
Sr Product Manager, VUDU


Keith E. Whisman

Hey it's got adult content so it's got to be good. Rated XXX. XXXCellent.

.99cent porn movies can't be wrong. This generation has already gotten used to self pleasure in the sitting posistion. 

What a deal. Why is it having Problems?

MaximumPC should advertise this service on the website. 

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