Despite Lack of Windows Support, ARM Expects Major Netbook Presence



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This is no big deal.

Check out the Edubook and what it can do.





LMAO this article is cracking me up. If I understood it correctly "gain marketshare to doninate windows and intel by a netbook?? and topple windows" is this correct??.

 Furthermore it even goes of saying that "But if it comes to pass what will gamers be left with it's hard to imaging running crysis at any frame rate on a netbook"" LOL LOL LOL


Ok I see a flaw here, correction I see a BIG FLAW.

Flaw number one. Its a netbook LOL

Flaw number 2. Ok arm processors is good at keeping energy consumption down but whoah lets not get ahead of ourselves of dominating intel.

Flaw number 3. Linux runs on EVERYTHING who gives a crap about arm processors better yet about netbook. Ok netbook optional if you want portability.

Flaw number 4. But if it comes to pass, what will gamers be left with? It’s hard to
imaging running Crysis, at any frame rate, on a netbook--even one from
the future. Well said. For argument sakes even if you could run crysis on a netbook wouldn't be the computer to play it on better yet why would you want to game on a netbook period ok casual games yes hardcore gaming ummm I get back to you on that one LMAO.

Flaw Number 5. Windows 7 Windows 7 Windows 7. No need to make a proprietary cpu architecture for a crappy netbook that can barely run itself if arm processor would be used mainly for that.

Flaw number 6 Cheaper yes but intel is not expensive either. No need to be bending backwards just to make the arm processor cheaper than its competitor. Even AMD has own that area and yet not a limited cpu.

Not trying to bash on netbooks with a arm processor, and are great for on the go but whoah think this article is a bit of exaggeration dont you tink??

Netbooks are internet research device and getting work done. Anything else don't bother doing intensive task like gaming in general



This song is so old that the copyright has expired. Linux is always going to "some time soon" have a larger installed base than Windows. I have met a lot of people with netbooks, and I am the only one that has purchased one with Linux.

East's self serving statement is nothing more than a dream that will never become a reality. I would be extremely surprised if the Linux installed base even doubles in the next 10 years. Of course, he is assuming (hoping) that Intel and Microsoft are just going to sit on their hands and do nothing. Good luck with that dream as well.



I kind of find the "90% of the PC industry" statement hard to believe.  However, I do think Linux could topple Windows in the netbook segment, IF netbook manufacturers make a whole-hearted attempt at selling them.


Please deposit your pride, life, and other garbage in the receptacles at the back of the theater before you leave. Thanks!

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