Desktop Replacement Laptops Have Never Been More Affordable



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It's all well and good that they may be evolving into lightweight models, but I don't want a huge screen portable no matter their bargain status; I only use the laptop's screen for when I'm sitting at a counter/table or in a chair, for light duty work or when I'm traveling, and for that a small screen is fine.

When it's time to get things done, I dock the laptop. I like the more proprietary docking connectors (vs. USB docking) since all I have to do is drop the laptop onto the dock and press the power button to fire everything up - there is nothing else to connect, so it's a quick one step connect/disconnect routine. I use a Dell E-Series with an i7-2720QM Processor. The laptop also has a discrete GPU, an nVidia NVS 4200M. My dock setup includes triple displays - a 24" 16:10 WS central display at 1920x1200, plus a pair of 20" 4:3 standard aspect monitors at 1600x1200 one to each side.

This triple display setup is great. I don't know how I used to get by without it. Here is where I get frustrated:

I wish the discrete graphics options were beefier, but even more than that I really wish I could get smaller laptops with similar or better capabilities than what I'm currently using. Not something netbook sized, because I don't want to contend with a cramped keyboard when not docked, but something in the 12-14" range that's a powerhouse under the hood that can really shine when dropped into a dock setup with the works. I would think that there's a market for this, but apparently I'm the only one (or at least one of a few) since offerings with features as I've described seem very slim.

Now make some portable desktop replacement class laptops with features like I've described and keep them affordable and I'd be inclined to think they'd sell quite well.



"They're thin and light like a MacBook Air and every bit as good looking (and in some cases, they're thinner, lighter, and better looking than their iOS competitors)"

hrm as a multiplatform computer user, last time I checked, the MacBook Air ran Mac OS X Lion, not iOS like the iPhone or iPad does.

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