Department of Justice Tweaks Verizon's $3.6 Billion Spectrum Deal



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Cable and Wireless need to be busted up just like POTS was.
So we have cable sitting on unused spectrum and wireless trying to oligopolize on it.
Is there a judge that isn't owned by corporations anymore? Because we sure could use one.



Yeah, the amount of choice in most areas is pretty sad. If I want broadband I have only 2 companies I can choose from. They both charge basically the same prices and I don't see how they get away with it. I can put up with slower DSL if I want an alternative to cable. So in some regards there is choice, but I shouldn't have to settle with less speed to get a lower price. I'm being charge $55 a month for basic 7 mbps broadband. Basically everywhere you go in my state there's only one broadband company that services the area, and they never overlap territory because it wouldn't be in their best interests to have competition.



Read the full article. There is more going on here than Paul can squeeze into a snipet (good job though, Paul).

Verizon and the cable companies were trying to enter into an agreement where Verizon bought a significant chuck of unused wireless spectrum from the cable companies (big profit for the cable companies) which Verizon would then sell to T-mobile (so much for Verizon's arguement of having to charge more for wireless data because they don't have the needed spectrum). At the same time, Verizon and the cable companies would enter into agreements to cross-sell each other's services and NOT sell competitor services (like AT&T and Sprint and T-Mobile.)

The DOJ should be suing all 5 companies for abusing regional monopolies, not tweaking their agreement, which any deal maker in these companies worth their salt would have had contingency plans for such government intrusions already thought out and ready to implement to work around and protect the meat of their original deal: limit consumer choice to their products only.



um yeah- and how does this change anything? in my area only hispeed cable is allowed due a preferred contract with local governement.

in my cousin's area, US governement payed for laying fiber optic and now is paying for hookup - and verizon is charging for hookup fee as well

and cable is not preferred in her area....

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