Department of Homeland Security Warns of Imported Electronics Being Spiked with Spyware



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Just beacuse I know some people will, don't click any of the spam links below.


P.S. This post triggered the Spam Filter. -_-



If the US Gov. could,nt find weapons of mass destruction, they now need a new threat to invent, in order to waste billions of dollars on. I,m sure this is politicly motovated.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Check out the link below the article called>

U.S. Government to Remotely Uninstall Coreflood Trojan from Infected Machines

Need any more proof that the U.S. Gov't is doing what they claim others must be stopped from doing?

It's perfectly Legal for ANYONE to hide spyware in software and hardware if its O.K. for the U.S. Gov't to do it

Anyone who thinks its OK for Microsoft products to remain closed source with its Gov't sponsored spyware inside or hardware AES encryption products with Gov't backdoors deserves the same 

It's Payback Time B!tche$



This sounds like fud intended to "create more (domestic) jobs", like Obama's stupid complaint about ATM machines.

I guess I can't link to an example, becuase the <a> tag is not allowed by the spam filter.

I guess titles don't work either. Title was >moar paranoid protectionist propoganda




It seems they have discovered my plot to take over America using a robotic-toaster uprising. Curses, foiled again!


But seriously, I also always worried about this, because I am paranoid; and confirming it as true didn't help my paranoia.




Let me guess... They are asking for 100 Billion dollars to study pencil sharpeners and toasters. There are threats and security risks and they are diluting out precious bodily fluids with their communisms and they are coming for you as you are sleeping in your beds. God bless.



Since when do you plug a pencil sharpener or toaster into your computer?

Think before spouting nonsense please.

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