Demigod Demo Puts gods in Everyone’s Machines



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Thank you for bringing this demo out!  I had wondered if I would like it, but didn't want to pay for it to find out.  Now that I have played, and then uninstalled, this demo I know I don't care for it at all. 



@D.E. (sorry forgot to hit reply)

Um... this isn't a review. Its a mention of a game demo. Warhammer has gotten several mentions here. Also, an mmo trial is a little different from a game demo, not the least of which is a limited amount of play time.



Warhammer Online has a trial. Only wait, yeah, you guys didn't even fucking review that one.



I am so carefull anymore after having been bitten. Does it use SecuRom or any other DRM that it does not tell me about and that I can not remove when I am through with the game? Sometimes it is impossiable to tell.

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