Demand for Phenom X3 CPUs Rises After User Reports Unlocking Fourth Core



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I first read it on Tom's Hardware and from what the entry said it sounded like the writer did it.



This story does have some credibility as a friend of mine was able to do it using his Asus board as well (model escapes me as Asus has too many freaking models), but it appears to be a random chance scenario. I wouldn't hope that all X3 Phenoms are able to get the 4th core to work.

However, you risk system instability with this tweak as the fourth core is damaged/bad. Let's just say that the fourth core doesn't do so well under a heavy load...

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Don't they disable the fourth core because it's no good anyway? How stable is the system after they enable it? also is there any real performance gain compared to a legit quad core?

 So many questions and I'm answers. I agree, most likely fake.



Remain skeptical? Why not just try it? Isn't that what I pay you guys for?



I bought a ASUSModelM4A79T Deluxe

AMD|PH II X3 720 BK  CPU and On NewEggs customer reviews someone reported that they did it. I set my bios to ACC and I didnt see the 4th core in XP or CPU-z.

here is the post from NewEgg "

Unlocked to a X4

Pros: Set ACC in BIOS to auto and BAM! I now have a Quad-Core CPU. Overclocked to 3.2Ghz at stock volts/stock fan. 28C Idle 40C full load.

Cons: Stock fan

Other Thoughts: Upgraded to a Quad just by changing a setting in the BIOS. "



the "tester" used a Korean board for a specific manufacturer. It's goign to take more then a day for a US based company to find a Stateside match.

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