Delta Rolling Out in-Air Wi-Fi on Some Flights



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I just flew Delta and WiFi was available for $12.95.  I thought about it, but since it wasn't possible to plug in my laptop in "coach" there wasn't much point.  I would have only been able to use the service for about 90 minutes.  There were other better alternatives IMHO.  Each seat had an LCD screen offering up a large selection of free music and some free TV as well.  Regarding the comment about cell phone use in planes I sincerely hope this is NEVER permitted.  It is hard enough sharing such a small space with so many mostly quiet people.  If would be horrible to have to listen to cell phone conversations during the flight.



Or, just use a Firefox extension like "ReadItLater" for some offline browsing. 


Keith E. Whisman

BTW that girl in the pic I bet she is a member of the mile high club several times over.. Has to be. 


Keith E. Whisman

The real question is this for every customer on the plane or just first class customers? And now we are just waiting for the ok to use cell phones on the airplane. I mean the only reason why you can't use the cell phone is because they want you to pay through the nose to use their phone.

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