Dell's Mini 10 Gets the WiMAX Treatment



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 Unfortunately, every wireless broadband service has a 5 gig/month download limit and most of them cost $30-60 a month. Until this limitation criteria is fixed I don't see any reason to support this. a place for the unbiased gamer.



I use Clear's service in Chicago and it's unlimited (decent 4G speeds, too).  I pay about $45/month so it's not bad.  The only downside is that I'm limited to a small coverage map; most areas aren't covered (i.e., CA).  But if you live in the coverage area, it's not a bad deal to have.  I'd get the Mini-10 except its useless for me as I need to do real work. :P



Just pick up an Intel 5350 on ebay for less than $60 and put it in any laptop, today.

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