Dell's Instant-on Tech for Latitude Laptops to Appear Soon



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Keith E. Whisman

I can't believe that people can't wait the 30 or so seconds it takes to boot into windows. Really they have to have instant on features that are limited in their capabilities compared to the same features that have no such limitations after waiting only few seconds for the OS to boot. Really really logical, not.

If it was instant on for the OS then it would have been great. But come on. Last I heard is that you can't even save files to disk. This is beyond absurd. About as absurd as that dumb portable device side gesturing idea MS is having.. The fact that you have to hold a portable device usually by it's sides make that side gesturing idiotic. And hence pisses me off because they are just trying to create hype for a dumb idea.

This just pisses me off. They are just doing this half assed. If it saves juice on the battery and there are no limitations compared to those in the booted OS then I would say great but this is just stupid until it's fully hatched and developed.



I can see why you might not think this is a particularly earth shattering concept.  However, you need to take a look at exactly WHO this is targeted for and the potential advantages this technology would provide. 

First, this is for the Dell Latitude line which the last time I checked is Dell's BUSINESS line.  Therefore it seems logical that this isn't targeted for home users or people who CAN wait for 30 seconds OR MORE for a PC/Laptop to boot


Second, it makes perfect sense to have a system in which case a BUSINESS person can show up for a meeting and instantly load a PowerPoint presentation in a span of say 10 seconds vs. having to boot, login, find, load, and run the presenation. 

Looking at this from a home perspective I wouldn't be overly excited either, but perhaps you have zero business experience as there are OBVIOUS positives having something like this in a business machine.  I can't tell you how benficial this would be for someone in sales or marketing.  

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