Dell's Better-than-Expected Numbers Raise Recovery Hopes



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You bought a 6k rig from dell? You nuts?

 They overprice everything! Build it youself like a REAL geek.

A dream machine should really only cost under 3k off the top of my head...

1000 for video... 1000 for proc... 1000 for the rest



Having bought Dell for many many years I have been sadly disapointed in my last one.  It was a top of the line $6K plus unit that has been nothing but trouble.  I don't think they spent enough time sorting out what went with what and I still get conflicts now and again.  They got my last buck.



why would you pay 6 grand for a proparity build? no wonder you got problems.  They custom do pretty much everything so if you have a problem it sucks to fix.

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