Dell's 10-Inch Tablet Sports a Physical Keyboard



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this is exactly what im in the market for. something you can use like the ipad with out paying 700+ for it but you can also type a report up on it. ipad is going to have some real compition if this thing comes out smoothly.



Pop out or is it just another swiveling netbook/laptop with a touch sensitive screen?



It seems to be that way. Doesn't really count as a modern tablet. Takes me back to the days of the Tablet PC. Just a swiveling netbook/laptop. I'm pretty sure most people shopping for tablets are not even expecting a hardware keyboard. Dell is delivering the product no one asked for.



[quote]Dell is delivering the product no one asked for.[/quote]


So did Apple with the iPad. Look where it got them.



not that I am knocking it, but a few concerns.

-that swivel-on-a-hinged-frame mechanism looks about as solid as Leahmen Brother's financials... hopefully it's got a solid metal brace underneath, and reinforced edges around that screen so it doesn't shater the first tipe you spin it and it strikes a wall or table edge.

-isn't this just a new look on the old convertable format that biz-class users have been using for years, minus the handy stylus input?

-just what are the specs? Windows 7 is not an incredibly svelt operating system, and if I want to slip some movies on there what's the storage, and removable options?



Great! Just what the world needs, another netbook.



I wish Lenovo had thought of it.  Wait - they did - in January.  Check out the IdeaPad S10-3T.

Yet again Dell is behind the times, although I like the swivel screen.  I wonder how durable it is.



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