Dell XPS 18 All-In-One is Also a Tablet



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900 dollars isn't too bad for what you get.



This thing is great for say real estate and other sales jobs, you can have it on your desk with a wireless keyboard and mouse to do real work, then you can take it to a clients house and get contracts signed or do a presentation. Can anyone tell me if you can sign contracts with a pen using this, stylus for adobe acrobat echo etc?? Then you can jump on a flight and watch movies or read books while you head to vacation or work related tasks. It really could replace everything you have including laptop, and desktop pc assuming 18 inches is large enough for you, perhaps a larger monitor for some.



I asked a Dell rep for you. According to her, there are no current plans for a stylus. 

MaxPC Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang 



If you bring an 18 incher, either you are flying first class or you are the worst passenger to sit next to on a plane. xD
I find even my 10 inch tablet a little big in the seat of a plane, the 7 inch Nexus hit a sweet spot between usability and real estate.

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