Dell XPS 13 Manuals Leak Out Ahead of Launch



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Regular visuals, stuck in soon-to-be-replaced Sandy Bridge CPU technology, non existent connector -ExpressCard or Thunderbolt- to plug professional external gear (soundcards, eGPUs, printers, consoles, etc.).

This XPS 13,(same as last year 14 and 15 XPS), confirms that Dell's XPS line is not directed to professional audiovisual, design, financial or creative corporate or independent use.
These will look Ok in cafes or alike trendy places, but lacking Apple's ecosystem, this launch looks like another manufacturer step that actually delays the recovery of laptop sales, instead of otherwise.



Why do they put IPS panels in tablets but NOT in ultrabooks? IPS panels are SO much better.
I HATE most LCDs and their horrible viewing angles.
You have to tilt the monitor at the perfect angle then sit back to get anything close to even contract form top to bottom on laptops these days.

There's no indication as to what kind of LCD panel this one uses of course.

Hopefully when convertible multi-touch Win8 netbook/tablets come out manufacturers will start using IPS panels because people use tablets at much sharper angles than laptops.



When do manufacturers ever think about upgrades and customizations...
There are tonnes of ways to improve their product without losing rigidity and increasing costs but they just don't do it.



eh hd3000 intel graphics just do not cut it for me

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