Dell Working on a Slim and Sexy Notebook to Compete with the MacBook Air



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Dell initially teased the existence of its upscale 13-inch Adamo laptop at CES 2009, and formally announced details and ordering availability two months later. We previously had a chance to get our hands on a preproduction version of the system, and have now been able to test the finished product. Dell's upscale Adamo is a 13-inch laptop for those who value design and finish as much as performance, but its luxury price will limit the potential audience.




Wasn't the Hideous "Adamo" line intended to compete with the Macbook Air serries of Ultrabooks?



Dell should also try to "compete" (nut-ride rather than innovate) with Apple's customer service, IMO and IME.

Dell shits defective products with diarrhetic frequency. They even brand many of them with the name Alienware. It's disgusting how little they'll 'fess up to in light of overwhelming complaints and evidence. They just pretend the problem doesn't exist or, if you're lucky, acknowledge and fix it well over a year later. (m11x and its screwed up hinges and scratched screens. Hire some real engeineers.) Or in the case of the m15x sound and latency issues: just discontinue the model and make a newer similar one with an ad saying "great sound!"

If you are fluent in English, best of luck trying to understand the people you talk to on the phones for warranty support. IME they won't even let you discuss what you called about before they annoyingly pitch you an overpriced extended warranty.

I fail to understand why people still buy Dell's stuff. Asus, or some similar manufacturer, should have taken their marketshare a long time ago.



Wasn't the XPS 15z aimed squarely at the MacBook Air?


Holly Golightly

Wow!!!!! This is the same exact laptop I have. Dell Adamo 13 Admire in Pearl. I hope they bring back the Adamo line up because it was by far the best thing Dell has done since the XPS. Also, I feel the Adamo XPS was too short lived. So they really should reconsider bring back this line up. It is the one true competitor against the Macs because the Adamo (unlike anything Apple) is all about style!!!

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