Dell: Windows 7 Price could be a Problem



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seriously?! Have you read the leaked memo's from the MS exec's just after it came out? CLEARLY you are more knowledgable than the MS tech chief. Maybe you should google around for them before you continue your fan-boy rants 


:) They are great reads, btw.



And it still has data retention issues.

I'm dropping back down to XP today... the data retention issue is too much of a pain in the ass to deal with on my main machine.

 Ironically, I'm running the Win7 RC... I'd hoped they'd fixed the issue. Apparently not.

 I REALLY hope they've fixed the issue by the time it goes RTM.

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain... It's time to toss the dice...



There's got to be an online petition out there that I need to sign to demand a major discount for Win7 from buying Vista (in addition to "upgrade" discounts).  Don't believe the hype that the major cause of crashes in Vista are from "ancient" software/hardware and games compatibility.

Vista is "still" unstable compared to XP. Everyone knows Win7 is there to patch up Vista's  bad rep and is actually what Vista was suppose to be in the first place (no wonder it looks shockingly the same, aesthetically). That explains MS releasing it on such a short OS timeline. With this in mind and in today's shady economy, shame on you MS!


he's pwning with a trackpad? oh really? oh reheheheeally?



Dear MaximumPC:

Please, Please, stop putting Read More links in stories on the front page, when THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CONTENT to READ! And don't tell me that it's so I can see the Comments. There's a link to the comments at the bottome of each story on the front page.  I love MaximumPC but this is DUMB!



Maximum PC must get paid by the click.

Linux Mint,Duel boot/Vista,AMD Athlon+ x2 5600,3 Gig ram,500 Gig HDD,ATI 1300 Video.



I totally agree. Very annoying.



perhaps they want to do this so they can still sell vista?



It is only rediculous for people that want cutting edge without spending money. If you want the top of the line, you have to spend money. Get over it. Seriously, Microsoft is just like any other company. It is all buisiness.



Technically its not new.  Its just Vista packaged different without all the problems associated with it.

Oh, and it has a virtual XP machine.  Yippee f'n skippy.  Don't know why everyone is jonesing about that.

But I have a problem with all the pricing associated with OS's, especially MS.



I can't remember the last time Intel brought out a new product that was cheaper. Just look at i7 prices. Same goes for Microsoft.



what do you meen look at i7 prices?  There not overly priced.  The 920 is in the 200 hundred dollar range and overclocks like a champ, that is a very good price.  No need to buy the 1000 dollar chip.

Also you can't compare intel and microsofts pricing schemes.  When intel releases a new CPU it takes over the prices of the earlier CPUS and the earlier CPUs get price cuts.


When vista was released xp stayed the same price. That is screwy



Yea what about the new motherboard and DDR3 mem you have to buy to use it? 

The price of XP did go down but sometime after vista was released, intel works the sameway, price cuts only happen after the new product has been out, its standard business practice  



Too bad they don't get "Reasonable". Even in the ms Teskits anything m$ made is given high praise yet is not much useable (network monitor) since switched networks etc. Win7 does have many inticing features at a HD capacity's price but if they are really competeing almost against a horrible start/launch (vista) they should give it a discount for our troubles and frustrations of last time. Instead lets hike the price up, ever wonder what the "Microsoft Way" is? Now you know.



It is almost unbelievable that MS hasn't learned from the consumer outcry that was spawned from the absurd amount of different flavors of Vista.  It's bad enough to have Businees, Home Basic, Ultimate, etc. packages, but then you had the whole fiasco of people buying the upgrade version when they needed a clean install.  Then some people who wanted to upgrade found out they couldn't go from their verison of XP to the version of Vista they just bought.  The whole thing was a clusterfuck.

Ideally they should just make the complete OS (Ultimate) the one and only release, and price it accordingly.  At the VERY least, it would be much smarter to just make a Home and Pro version like XP.  Wake up MS. 



no it wont, that is redonkulis. more greed.  I can't believe companies are still not catching on that greed is bad, even after what is happening right now.





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