Dell Wasn't Too Impressed by Vista



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Look whose calling the kettle black. Dell complaining about a substandard product? Methinks he doth complain to much and is trying to take the spotlight of of Dell's still continuing slide due to still increasing quality issues with every new hardware release. Dell needs to worry about fixing their own issues before they start pointing fingers at someone else. At least Microsoft recognized the problem and fixed it. Now if Dell could only learn from this.



Am I the only one who wonders why MPC had to choose a topless guy for the article picture? Really? A guy with his shirt on wouldn't have gotten the point across? ><



Totally. My girlfriend was giving me the strangest looks.



Had to wait until almost no one would flame him for saying such a thing about Vista. 

And let's hope that 7 would be better. I honestly didn't see much of a difference in things I did on Vista -> XP due to my computers usually being bad all around and the fact that I was still very ignorant about technology when the Vista came out, compared to me being mildly ignorant now. Hope to have 7 make me open my eyes.


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