Dell Unveils Secure Browser — Firefox Contained in a "Sandbox"



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Yes it is 80 MB instead of 10 . I wonder if autor of this article even tried it I think he just " copy - pasted " from somewhere else. Plus you can just get application called " Sandboxie " which is also free and you can ran any browser isolated.





in the article it stated 10MB download, but when i started it, it showed as 73.6MB.  Anyone else experienced this?



I notice that on the down load page under system requirements, that it is for 32 bit systems only. Also from reading I get the impression that this is a "commercial" app.

Does this mean that the free download is a crippled version that is going to cost and arm and a leg? I ask as, when I clicked on the buy now link it goes to a page to arrange getting in contact with them to discuss price. As in, maybe you won't like what you see so they want to give the sales pitch 1st??? Like, hey if you buy this gizmo for a $1000 you will save $999.99 a month in the 1st year.


If you can't dazzel em with Brilliance, baffle em with bull puckey. (From the tome; Murphy's Law, Annex 5, Smooth Recoveries)



excellent!... now i can safely experiment with those friendly adult websites without worrying for strange disease



Just because everyone in the world takes javascript for granted, that doesn't mean that it was ever a good idea.  Kind of like SUVs and bottled water.

Why doesn't mozilla just implement something similar to noscript as a default, pre-activated feature?



Wasn't Altiris doing application virtualization three years ago with SVS?  Whatever happened to that?  This sounds like very much the same thing.

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