Dell Unleashes Trio of XPS Windows 8 Devices



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Looks awesome, can't wait to see these released. Wish I could fast forward a few years to where these are cheap and common!
Great work dell



@Evil Claw, why does the Dell AiO HAVE to lay flat? If you want a "surface" style system, then wait for those. Or get a tablet. To expect an AiO to "lay flat" is being unreasonable towards to AiO because they are primarily a Desktop Computer, and Desktops sit up with the monitor in front of you. I have NEVER seen one AiO that can lay flat unless you take the back stand off or something.


Evil Claw

I have been looking for an AIO windows touch screen that would be worth the money but also be ergonomically feasible. I can't see using this(XPS One 27) in its current form as a touch screen for very long. If the screen can't be laid/tilted flat or almost flat, its going to fail miserably.

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