Dell Starts Taking Pre-Orders For The XPS 12 Convertible Tablet / Ultrabook. Starts at $1,199.99



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That small and clunky thing? I can see what you guys are saying. 12.5in and clunky for $1,200+, That it just insane. No one will buy it. Maybe at $700 - $800, but now $1,200.



Is Dell trying to pull a Apple on price point?
Those swivel braces better be made of platinum!



I guess their mentality is, well if the nokia lumia and other smart phones retail at $700+ this has got to be worth at least twice at much! I mean... it's more than twice as big! Sad thing is it costs as much as a decent desktop. Microsoft may hold the belief the tablet market is going to replace the need for desktop computers. I dunno. With the way tech scales I'm sure desktops will always have thier place. At least as a processing tower that streams live to a tablet device. How cool would it be to be able to edit using professional software on a tablet device anywhere in your home. I'm not talking about remote desktop where ISPs and latency get to seemingly steal away that processing muscle. Now I'm starting to realy like the idea of a tablet. What if there were a wall-hanging, picture-frame charging dock that allowed your tablet to display photos while charging. How about a universal remote for every electronic device in my home. Something I could surf channel listings on without having to cover the tv in a channel guide. I refuse to get a tablet just for ooohs and ahhhs. Windows 8 shows the collaboration of devices I'm looking forward too, but am I ready to jump ship from Windows 7? Not for $1000+ It's just smoke and mirrors right now. There's no true value yet. If a tablet did all of the above, then the price might seem more reasonable. But the idea that I'm going to pay for all Microsoft's research and experimentation just so I can have a beta device and be their little guniea pig... I'll pass. Now when a company offers to pay me for all the voluntary feedback I provide for their new platform we can talk! :)



$2000.00 HA HA HA You must be joking. Not a chance in hell I would ever pay that kind of money for a gadget. $200.00 is the most I would pay for this.



Well, it's really only $1,200 ($1,700 tops), but I agree. At that price, you're better off buying a tablet that has a decent dock. If the laptop portion of this product was boasting more than 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 mini DP and a Headphone/Mic jack. Sure, the SSD is nice, but it's just not worth it.

Throw in an optical drive and then we'll see.



To me, any tablet that has a chance of being bought (by me) is going to have to come down to the 300-400 dollar price range, anything else and it is too much unless it's lower, and then it will have to beat the Nexus 7 and the iPad in performance. Compatibility with my desktop really isn't a concern, and I like the idea of different form factors having different interfaces as one does not suit all.



Totally agree. 300$ is that sweet-spot for tablets, you get that nice price AND performance. There are some that don't come close to the Nexus or iPad, but hit the 100$ area that offer decent/nice performance though.



Over a grand, just still seems insane for such a device.

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