Dell Starts Shipping Precision T1600 Workstation



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This computer is just sad. Intel2000 graphics im very hesitant to say will be able to run any CAD or graphical applications pretty well. and this computer cost them around $200. $100 or less for cpu since they bought in bulk. $30 motherboard with or without the B3 fix from china.2GB of ram...i don't even think they sell this anymore. newegg sells performance ram 8GB's 1600Mt/s for $80 so lets just say $10 or $15 since also bulk and no heat spreader..just bad glitchy bsod prone memory. and lastly. a hard drive thats the size of my 3 year old laptop's at a regular desktop speed..another $20 for them. now lets see. thats yeah. around less than $200 for parts. even if you include the 300w psu that costed them $20 from china and the crappy case and in no way shape or form is worth it even if you include the $80 monitor and the $120 oem windows they bought in bulk. As anyone from maximum pc is thinking. "i could build a quad core sandy bridge with 8Gb of ram, a 1tb hard drive, and pretty good 460+/5770+ graphics at that price point and hey even an ASUS mother board with a B3 fix also.

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