Dell Slices Air with 9.9mm Adamo XPS Teaser



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Im sorry but I cannot forgive dell after buying out alienware and completely screwing up the alienware prices/specs. This may be something Dell has done that is finally usefull but other than that - dell sucks cock.


nsk chaos

oppz posted wrong link b4 this...but 9.99mm...!!!!! insanity much? but hey...thats pretty sweet 



You forgot the most important thing in Mac Book Air's failing the price. If Adamo is $500 I would consider buying it.



Unfortunately, when competing in markets like ultra thins and all in ones where there is little to no competition, even prices from dell aren't cheap. Their last Adamo was priced at $1499, the same price that apple recently reduced the Macbook air to. As much as I dislike apple, in this market segment their prices remain competitive, exorbitant, but competitive.

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