Dell to Shut North Carolina Plant, Cut 905 Jobs



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the other part of the problem is that desk top PCs have reached critical mass for most users.

 My wife still uses the desktop we bought from deel four years ago.  I updated some components to the point where the mother board was "maxed out"  meaning it had hte best processor and ram that the morther board would support.  

 It's everything she needs for  web browsing, watching videos, playing the games she plays (i.e. diablo 2, peggle, puzzle quest).  Etc.  She has absolutely no need to upgrade this machine.  Maybe ever.  The only reason I could see her wanting to upgrade is if she really needs a software application that for some reason was not compatible iwth her current hardare config.

I mean, yeah sure.  Five years from now...that thing will be pretty slow, but whereas I couldn't imagine using hte same PC for five years in the 90s and early 00s, now I can say that for her it's all she needs.

 I think the next big growth industry for tech will be laptops and smart phones.  

 I'm not suprised Dell is closing this plant.  They should, I don't think they'll see sales growth like they did until the recession is over and businesses start upgrading their office machines.

 It's the same with Micron.  The advances in RAM basically killed them.  the average user doesn't need more than 4GBs of RAM.  there just isn't the turn around there used to be. I used to upgrade ram every six months and it was expensive.  I haven't upgraded ram since I maxed out her machine and even then I bought 4GBs and it was about 50 bucks.  



Do you "PC is dying" guys just troll around the net waiting for stories like this to come along? I SWEAR! I mean you're almost as bad as the FIRST assholes.



Do you "PC is dying" guys just troll around the net waiting for stories like this to come along? I SWEAR! I mean you're almost as bad as the FIRST assholes.



That's because Dell is run by a bunch of fools, In order to sell to the U.S. market the U.S. market needs employment. It's not that difficult to understand the more cuts a company makes the more than likely the less productive it's going to be and unless you're going to take over and ruin another company the less profit you're going to make. 



Unfortunately, there is no minimum wage law in China (even if there is one, it is lot less compared to US). Why do you think PC's used to cost over $2K and now around $200? It is easy to say then actually spending over $2-3K for a PC...



I bet there are 900 people there that disagree.



I am a North Carolina taxpayer. Not only was this deal illegal and against the entire function of government but Dell didn't even honour their end of it.

Unfortanatly for Dell, I am not some simple "consumer" that maybe only orders a single new computer every few years. I happen to be in charge of purchasing for an IT department. We currently use Dell but if Dell doesn't repay back everything they stole, I'm more than happy to switch to HP.



I agree.




Probably relocating it to China or something. Grr


I really wish we MADE STUFF in America. I would be happy to pay extra.



There are lots of consumer goods made in the USA, a lot of which are expensive and hand assembled.

So how much would you pay extra? Would you for example pay $1500 for an office chair over your $80 Staples special from China?



That makes one of you.  Unfortunately, that isn't enough to move the manufacturing jobs here.  No one here is willing to work for the slave wages it would require for us to be competitive.

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