Dell Reports Strong Second Quarter, Spooks Investors with Full Year Forecast



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Companies are not tightening up on spending as Dell suggests, they are just moving away from Dell's unreliable, fugly, old generation products to Lenovo and HP next gen products, at a much cheaper cost then what Dell is selling at. I know this for a fact, as I am purchasing 360+ laptops for my firm and Dells latest offerings leave a lot to be desired. Their Latitude E6320 uses 1st gen Sandybridge, and they just released two new Latitude models that are using Core 2 Duo's.  WTF? It looks like Lenovo for us, and I know of three other companies in my area making the switch to Lenovo from Dell. Total purchases will be in excess of 7,000 laptops. Desktops to be replaced a year later, and Dell will be losing more sales then too, as everyone likes consistency.


I Jedi

Eventually, the resistance from the stock market will be met with support for the cheaper stock. I only wish I had some significant money to blow on Dell's stock right now, as they continue to plummet. Right now, as of this posting, they're down a whole $1.54. That may not sound like much, but most companies that have been around a long time don't usually fluctuate so badly. For example, AMD's stock price has been sitting around $6.xx for quite awhile now.

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