Dell Refunds Customer's Money After He Refuses Windows



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I think this is a very good precedent and maybe it will speed things up a bit in the future. I don't know if all the 14 or 16 emails he sent and calls are worth it... but he made a point and I got to give him credit for thatt. Most of us would have just abandoned the idea and got stuck with another copy of Micro$oft Windows.

Abby - mf global consultant.



Wouldn't it be easier to just build your own computer? 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



Why would the EULA be scary? All it generally says is lawyerese for "lol don't steel our stuff d00d kthx", right?

As far as I know, microsoft doesn't gain the right to eat my credit cards.

-=[The name's Quantumnerd, and if you mock my name you're clearly missing the point]=-



The $115.00 back and had more copys at home to contend with, it's an old school trick, ever dupe dell into giving u a free XPS fully loaded Dell laptop? I have. it's all in what you say to dell. remember things ship via UPS don't they? and they lose things don't they? or do they? hummmmmm



Once you build your order online, you can call in and ask Dell to remove the OS from the configuration. It's a lot easier than trying to deal with obtaining a refund through a two month battle of emails and phone calls.



I wonder if any court or pasal of lawyers has actually ever looked into the "legality" of these mutli page, hidden agenda EULA's.  One could concievably argue that because that vast majority of the users of these EULA protected products, are probably not even capable of making an informed decision, without an adequet Law background or legal assistance.

Even a Doctor is required to fully explain the proceedure and ramifications of said proceedure before asking for the patients consent.  Why is this not also required for EULA's?  Education wise, I'm (testably) in the upper 10th percentile and I understand medicine no better than I understand the major corporatiion's EULA's.  Spelling aside, why should I be required to be capable of understanding a EULA, when every Doctor on the planet, already assumes I won't necessarily understand the ramifications of some radical proceedure?

I thinks it's time an honest lawyer (?) or lawyers should step in and examine this obvious disparity.  Not only would said lawyers make millions of dollars in the process, they would in fact also, make for billions of happy consumers.

Yeah, yeah...I know...another pipe dream.  :/


Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



Exactly why I ordered  my last 2 and newest PCs from Cyberpower. I can get the hardware I want and not be forced into an OS I don't want. Plus the prices are very reasonable.



I prefer to install my own OS anyway...  I would love to order a box the EXACT way that I want it from Dell without paying their premium prices.  I like some of their cases and configurations, but I don't like that everything you add (2Gb of ram for $87 - really??, or add 250Gb to a 250Gb HDD for $100 - really??) costs so much - including OEM installs of Windows with bloatware.  As long as hardware drivers are published, give us the freedom to do what we want with our computers...  HP, ACER, Lenovo, MAC, Toshiba, ASUS, etc. take note here...

...sell me a 10" netbook without an OS for $199, I'll put my own on it!! 

Maybe I should start a company that tailors toward the 'power user' - configured the EXACT way you want it!



Dell or HP for a bazillion dollars, creating a new opportunity for someone else to be the next Alienware or whoever.



Would it be worth it to me? Yes, it would, if I had to buy a computer from Dell that had Windows. But Dell does sell some Linux computers. OK, so they have a small selection, but they do have them, and if I were going to buy a computer from Dell, I would buy one of those. Or I would buy from one of the other companies that make Linux computers.

 Still, more power to anyone who wants to do that. It definitely sends a message to the computer makers that the people who purchase their computers want a better selection than just Windows.


Laugh at life or life will laugh at you.

Running Ubuntu Linux 9.04



I plan on buying a new laptop for college (I am a senior in high school right now, and will start college in the next fall semester) and was planning on buying a Dell!  Now I can just run Ubuntu instead of Windows!



What ever happened to the day when you ordered a PC where you could click the OS box and select none?  I haven't ever really ordered a PC (only one Alienware Laptop), but I remember helping others and seeing that option. 



A lot of people did it back when linux gained mainstream attention. Nevertheless it is awesome.

I should have done this back when I bought my Eee PC 901, I don't use windows on that thing anyway, it runs way too poorly.

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