Dell Previews DUO Convertible Tablet Notebook



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I have used an iPad and it really is just a device for consuming content, as Apple likes to say.  If it had a feature like the Dell Duo where you could flip open the lid and have access to a keyboard to make it a device that is equally adept at creating content then I would use it non-stop. 

Since this feature is (currently) not available, the Dell Duo is very least philosophically.  It makes a netbook much more appealing and makes a tablet much more functional.  Together, that makes a winning combination.

I just wonder how Apple will respond with it's 2nd generation of iPads due out early next year.  Until then, it looks like a Duo might be in the cards.



If that is a 10" netbook, then the hand in the photo must be huge!

Is that Andre the Giant?



I have an Acer 751h net-book running Jolicloud and am quite happy with it. Granted net-books are in no way a desktop or laptop replacement but they are handy to keep in the car for the kids. And speaking of kids, I know mine would destroy that display in a few minutes. 



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Keith E. Whisman

Wow, now that is magical. That spinning display should keep me entertained for several hours. I wan't that for college right now. Give it here damn it, err, I mean, please may I have that.

As for price, since it's a netbook with a multi touch capable touch screen, I think no more than $400 bucks. If it comes with an external optical drive and a large enough SSD then perhaps it can top out at $500. After all, this is still just a netbook.

There is a nicely equipped convertible laptop and the MS store that comes loaded with extras and it sells for $750, but that one uses a stylus and it's still touch sensitive as well with a fair screen resolution. 

Come to think about it, I think the old way of turning the display around on it's base is a better way of doing it. The picture frame around the display looks really fragile and is just begging to be broken by one of my kids when I'm not looking. They are going to have to shoot for real cheap here because it is fragile.


nHeroGo a problem that was never really an issue until we/consumers were told that we had to choose between laptop an tablet. Clever. Still, netbook - what's the point, with some promising cell phones on the horizon.

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