Dell Prepares To Launch its Official Ultra-Thin Adamo Replacement



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probably a little bit of caesium, mixed with something else for structure.  just enough to give the user an invigorating surprise whenever the laptop gets wet.


Holly Golightly

I am going to guess it had Zincophonite. "The power of zinc!" L.O.L.!

Okay, back to the basics, I strongly disagree with CNET's term about the Adamo being too under-powered to work. I get a little more than 5 hours on my Admire Pearl Adamo. I just do basic things on it, like browsing the internet, and doing some school work on Microsoft Office. Nothing too complex. I game on my desktop, as I am aware that the Adamo was not meant for hardcore gaming, benchmarking and overclocking.

In my opinion, the Adamo did not need to be Alienware powerful... It had style! This next PC better be Alienware strong. I feel that the Adamo line-up was all about the quality of the finished material. Metal keys on the Adamo XPS keyboard, fine detail on the Adamo 13's mousepad. You put an Adamo next to any mac and compare the style factor of them both, the Adamo will win, hands down. Fashion designers were never about simplicity. They are about originality, and the Adamo truly is a work of art!

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