Dell Plans To Be Ready on Windows 8 Launch Day With Enterprise Tablets



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I'm kind of ambivilant about having Win8 on my desktop - a bit awkard quite frankly.

But on a tablet, Windows 8 is just plain sexy. Kinda make me regret about getting an Android tablet.



I still can't justify buying a tablet, sure they're portable and easy to use to check e-mail and browse. Other than mobile computing which I do with my smartphone, I don't see the point.

Maybe when I have to do some configurations on some computers remotely in the future It'll be nice to touch my way around with a touch pad rather than use a mouse. Also I feel it would be easier to drag a tablet around to configure things remotely than dragging a laptop around.

I may not be thinking very thoroughly but from my stance I don't see much use for a tablet.



Gonna need a lot better screen than the last streak, the 7" niche is a good fit.

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