Dell Planning to Pull the Plug on Alienware M11x Laptop



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zaphodbeeblebrox 42

there not just planning to get rid of the m11x. its gone from there website already. :(

sad face was waiting to get 1 with ivy bridge and Kepler. mainly for the energy savings to increase batter life :)



Too bad, as this was an option for my next laptop. Ultrabook it is. Despite them offering future machines with SLI, I am skeptical of their commitment. My current M17X crashes on SLI or over heats during gaming despite having parts swapped, every technical inspection possible by Dell, and sounding like a jet engine with the fans running.



I love my m11x r2, so this is saddening news for me :(



Crap! I've got to say that I am more than a little disappointed. The M11x was exactly what I have been looking for, I've had my eye on it for a year. I'm about to be required to travel a ton... for long periods of time. Having a 12inch gamer was going to be perfect. Alienware/Dell seriously needs to reconsider this!



No Ivy Bridge refresh? To bad about the m11x. I was waiting until they added the 1080p display before I bought one. The m14x is smaller than my m15x and has an weaker display.



I am disappointed. I love my M11x r1. Despite the lack of driver updates (2 since it came out), it has been a solid system, and PERFECT for law school.

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