Dell Opens Up Books to Angry Investor Carl Icahn



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What a STEAL, i could buy a ton of shares RIGHT now for 14 bucks, and get 9 bucks back on each share in the near future??

Plus get bought out at nearly market value??

That would be insane... that would be way too good to be true



Sounds like extortion to me. Dell should tell Ichan to go take a hike based on the simple fact that if he needs to peak at the books, then he's just (1) taking a wild guess at Dell's value and (2) wants a huge cash payout he was expecting when he bought into Dell and was still hoping for when all the signs said "sell sell sell".

Take a hike you fat cat. You're rich enough already.


Renegade Knight

Actually at this point shareholders should call a special session and fire every executive at Dell that even offered up a special agreement to a shareholder. Ichan should be asked to vote his stocks the old fashioned way. Yes having a big block does let him hold some sway. But when it comes to inside information he's not any more special than Joe Public who has 100 shares.



because guys like that dont make mistakes.

He's a badass, and the only way he can lose money is if someone lied to him... in this case he is calling "Shenanigans" on Dell, and he is probably right.

And in his case, you dont just sluff off a loss like that, he didn't get to be worth 20 billion just going "oh well, fuck it i lost"

This is either going to go away quietly, or this shit is gona start rolling downhill from the top and pick up some big terds along the way.

I doubt they can afford to pay him off, and he seems like the type that doesn't really give a shit, so I am betting he is gona get to the bottom of the shenanigans that lead to his investment being a loss.

I predict fire works on this story in the near future



Take that Marxist crap somewhere else kid.If I had invested as much as this man, you better believe heads will roll if I do not get paid. There is no such thing as "rich enough" its enough when the individual says its enough.



Marxist? Seems pretty democratic to me seeing how the article says Dell made the deal with the board of directors whom I would assume voted on it. I might empathize with the dude if he were some struggling investor, but he's a billionaire with over 20 billion in net worth. You're the one who should take that glut-capitalist crap elsewhere, Warpath.



I'm sure Mr. Ichan will decide for himself when he is "rich enough". I can't say I can countenance people attempting to impose limits on the amount of wealth another may earn. You're implying that 20 billion dollars is "too much" for this man to possess, so I ask: what is the maximum amount of personal wealth that you will allow a person to have before you hold it against them?

BTW it seems as though though Mr. Ichan is "some struggling investor" as he's struggling to get his money's worth out of his investment in Dell; he's struggling to maintain that 20 billion net worth. Hence the article lol.



Lol guess what. Not all investments net a gain. This guy should know that. Just because he invested in the company doesn't mean he is entitled to anything more Dell is offering. There is risk in investing this way, he knew that going in.



See... Mr. Icahn, Dell is in deep crap!



Obviously Carl Icahn does not own a Dell, if he did he would know that the company is actually over valued based on it's lack of quality. So this offer offer is more than fair and he should take the check and run before Michael Dell comes to his senses.

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