Dell Offers Chrome OS Wi-Fi Support for the Mini 10v



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I haven't yet run it on bare metal yet (don't have a netbook), however I have run it in a vm (virtualbox) on top of ubuntu.  I have to say, I'm not really sold on the idea at all, at least not how it's implemented right now.  There are no apps that run on the local machine at all, unless you count chrome, but that is the OS.  it's all you see...EVER, besides the login screen, which takes a gmail email address...  I do understand that web apps are getting pretty powerful and there future is starting to look really bright (I'm a web programmer after all), but I still believe that we can't/shouldn't replace everything with a web app just yet (or ever...).  There is something to be said of locally stored files too...which chrome os doesn't really do.  For a netbook, this may work for some people, for me, not really.  I would be MUCH more interested in a google spin on the destop linux type a google ubuntu/debain clone, or suse, or fedora or something...

If there is any segment of linux's market that could use big finantial backing, it's the desktop segment...  I believe ubuntu netbook remix, moblin, windows7, and probably even android work better for a netbook then does chromeos.  Just my oppinion though.

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