Dell May Rebrand Alienware M11x Gaming Laptop, Alienware Ultrabook Possible, Too



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What has been preventing me from buying this is the screen. It has barely a 200:1 contrast ratio and doesn't even cover half the color gamut. Hopefully when if they turn this into an ultrabook they will put a decent screen on if(if there is an lcd manufacturer that makes one that size)



Their products may receive 9/10 verdicts but their support is a complete polar opposite. Worst in the industry. They can rebrand all they want, won't change this fact.


The Corrupted One


It would probably be prudent of Alienware not to kill their one good product.



I have an M11x R2 and let me say that it made me shed a single tear for the M11x lineup. It's really a great little computer, I'll be sad to see it go. It was the only hybrid of its kind back in the day, and it still runs perfectly for me. I'm really surprised that they're ditching it/re-branding it.



It would be great if they made it 1080P+/glossy. Their XPS 13 Ultrabook has glossy and its display got rave reviews.



I don't think that would be possible. 1080p resolution would be overkill for an 11 inch display. Plus, it would require a better processor and graphics hardware to display it at those high resolutions.



no such thing as overkill for 1080p, we are already getting 720p on our phones. Why can't I buy a High pixel density laptop.

I know how to turn down AA if I need to. Or just set the game to a lower resolution.

I game on a 30 inch Hp with a 2560X1600 res and I don't want a lower res. I wish I could find an affordable higher res for my current monitor.

I know the gimmicky "retina displays" look incredible due to there high res. Why wouldn't we push the res, do you want to still be staring at a 1080p monitor 10 yrs from now?

I hope not



You also don't hold a laptop quite as closely to your eyes as you do a smartphone or tablet. Pixel density matters only up to a certain extent - and due to how increased resolution works with most OSes, a 1080p display on a 11-inch display could cause text/menu objects to be very difficult to see.



The iPad is 2047×1536p with a 9.7" display and people say they like how it looks from some reviews I've read. So maybe having an HD ultrabook would be appealing as well.

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