Dell May Challenge the iPod, Zune



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Friend of mine from college LOVED his DJ, and if the price is right it sure makes it hard to argue against it.  The best thing Dell could do is make it as user friendly as possible.  Things like being able to access it like a portable drive, drag and drop, play lists on the fly, stuff like that is more important than most portable music player companies think.



There are plenty of people who get a bad taste in their mouth from Apple's products.  I think it's the opposite of the "I think I'll buy a Mac, just in case it works better with my iPod..." idea. 

And there are people (like myself) waiting for a better mp3 player.  (just look at  My Rio Karma still works great, for me. 

I also happen to think Apple's price models are out of control ---competition will help everyone.

Maybe it's silly, to look for something better from somewhere else.  I have no intention of giving up though. 

Even if all they do is try to revive the PDA, with a media player function grafted into it, I'll still call it a win if they have new features and comparable battery life.  (a bit like if the Zune had lived up to it's potential...) 

If Dell does come up with another limp knock-off, at least capacities and prices on the flash memory based models are making the Apple alternatives better all the time. 

Even as "amazing" as the iPhone is, music on cell-phones is another area where the competition should be getting better all the time.  The problem is the expectation that the new techno-widget must blow the Apple product away, to be viewed on it's own merits.




Well, in my opinion, there's a big factor that's not really accounted for here yet (at least as far as this report goes)...  Dell isn't just taking on the iPod...  It's taking on the iPod + iTunes.  I know that seems obvious, but it's important.  Unless Dell's player is *overwhelmingly* better than the iPod (which I doubt...  It's a good product and I don't see that being easy to simply blow out of the water), it's going to have to compete with those two together. In the likely event that Apple doesn't play nice (why would they?) and allow the Dell device to connect with iTunes, the WiFi connection won't be awesome unless Dell can partner with someone big (Amazon is jumping to my mind here) on that.  This is going to be a tough, tough market for Dell to get into.  I've really never been a big fan of Dell on the PC side, so I wouldn't really consider this myself (purely on my opinion of Dell products as a whole), but I would DEFINITELY not be disheartened if they can manage to put a dent in Apple's market position here.

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