Dell May be Following Google Out of China



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Black Lable 69

I'd say it's a good thing, China needs to understand that business is a two way street. Although I understand the feelings that the PRC have towards the Western world. After all, between 1839-1900 China was invaded by Western country's "Including the US & Japan" & parts were conquered & divided. This is what's known as The Opium Beijing's perspective is to not only carefully monitor & control the flow of business but there is an instilled hatred/fear of what happened "Which I could understand". There's a city in the north called Qinqdao & it was once controlled by Germany. There's so much influence that you feel like you're in Europe, all the architecture is of German design. In fact I love Freedom & America with heart & soul but unknown to many "Even though it's common knowledge" is that it was the old Government of China which fled to Taiwan that was to blame for the foreign raping of China. However.....times have changed, like slavery in the US something of that scale could never occur again so China needs to become a little bit more flexible. The PRC cannot do it all by itself & neither can the US. Sure we can both find other partners but I think it's in the best interest of both nations that we find some measure of compliance for both parties, both in the business world & politically.




What will really crank the Chinese is if they pull out and go to Taiwan.



If Dell follows in the wake of Google, they'll have earned a good deal of my respect back. Part of me thinks they're just doing it for the publicity, but if there's a more honorable motive behind it, then I tip my hat to 'em.



I have to admit that while it was still Google I was deeply concerned, despite believing that Google was doing the right thing. As big as they are, they're still just one company, which limits the impact their withdrawal can have. If Dell follows, however, that makes two. And two is no longer an isolated incident, it's a potential trend about to start.

If that happens then Google will not only have made the right move, ethically, but they'll have actually had an impact on the world in a real way, a way that a lone stance just can't match. History will tell whether it's a positive impact or not, one can never be sure what way the hurricane generated by the butterfly's wings is going to blow after all, but it'll be an impact that at least began with a moral stand in favor of free speech and freedom of information.

That's a stand I can agree with, come what will. 



then gets its ass to mars



I personally reccomend hell.



I hope Dell actually does leave China. And I hope more tech companies follow.

Of course, most won't because they have neither spines nor balls.



Most probably need that market and could go bankrupt without it.

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