Dell Leaps On The Ultrabook Bandwagon With The Dell XPS 13



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Holly Golightly

Wow, okay, those are some pretty nifty features. I definitely was not expecting Skype premium to go with it. I am impressed. The T-Mobile service has broadband caps, but 3 free months of service is not too shabby.

What I was expecting was Dell to make an Adamo tablet finally. I was dissappointed of course. Oh well. There was not much cool in CES this year, other than the TVs. As cool as those TVs are... There is nothing good on TV. Just boring old "reality" shows.

I do not understand the hype behind ultrabooks. Everybody wants a tablet these days. Heck, Microsoft's next OS will be optimized for tablets. What the hell is Dell thinking? Either way, I hope they make an Adamo tablet. Their Adamo line up is top of the line. Best quality one could ever find.

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