Dell Latitude XT Multi-Touch Screen Has Digitizer Issues



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I have rolled out over 100 of the Convertable Tablets (Latitude XT) and had serious issues with N-Trig drivers and the ATI Video Drivers (resulting in BSOD) - the updated N-Trig Drivers (Version 1.44, 3.2 of the N-Trig Software bundle) has resolved a large number of the problems, but its still not as stable as we would like. (Erratic Pen behavior, ATI Host Errors, etc) 

The N-Trig Driver update took was a nightmare.  We had to completely uninstall the old version, (manually removing from the device manager) then reinstalling the 2nd to latest driver, then the newest driver.  The driver naming conventions are odd as well, in downloading the drivers from the site its very confusing as to what order the installs should go in.

In general the XT Tablets are 90% great, and the ability to use both touch and pen modes are well recieved, but the N-Trig and ATI drivers issues have been a mess and left a our users with low confidence in the product.

I would be very interested to hear other peoples experience. 


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