Dell Introduces its First 16:9 24-Inch Monitor, Priced at $379



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I'm assuming at that price that it's a TN display. i'd be leery of the 16.7 million colors claim. Interpolated, maybe.

Or has the technology changed since I last bought a monitor? I can't keep up with all these kids and their newfangled displays. Get off my lawn.


Preferred boot, but will give this Maximum PC thing a try.



Bingo -- TN screen.  You wouldn't see an S-PVA or S-IPS running that cheap.



So will we get a full review of this on the site soon...  Or maybe it will be in the mag?  The specs combined with price tag (especially if street prices undercut the MSRP by a good margin...  That is the MSRP, right?) are appealing, but with all the reviews for monitors you guys have done lately...  Well, I fear for it being the latest Band-o-matic 5000.  At this point, I won't purchase a monitor that I haven't seen reviews (with testing) for on here or somewhere else...  There's just too many lemons out there right now.



I just wonder if/when there'll be a worthwhile list of games that come out with native support for 16:10 AND 16:9 AR's, or if they'll even bother



I've been using a 1920x1200 16:10 for some time now, almost all games support it.

Additionally anything branded games for windows needs to be certified for wide screen support.



yes most games now do have 16:10 support (as required to get the "GFW" certification), but I don't know how many will come out with 16:9 support as well.  i.e. if I want to use it for gaming, am I better off sticking with a 16:10 monitor for now (or just deal with the stretching/banding)



But I'd have to guess the 16:9 mode if supported will just toss 60 lines off the top and bottom. 

This is the future unfortunately.  The glass cutters want to make all their displays from the template and TVs are 16:9.  

It is just one more reason to get a monitor that pivots.  Most web pages are still only 800 or 1020 wide, so viewing them on a 1080 x 1920 screen is a lot easier than 1920 x 1080.

I do appreciate that they are not charging me more for a 10% reduction in horizontal resolution.


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