Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Now Official with Specs and Pricing



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It's certainly enticing, that's for sure. I use a Dell XPS M1210 when i travel and while i love the size, for bumming around NYC I'd love to jump down to something even smaller as long as it can handle the basics. These Mini's look like a great option but i have to agree with skhills, the 16GB HD is a deal breaker. Doubling to just 32GB would probably be enough to put my finger on the trigger but as is, it's sadly not a real option.



I understand the benefits and power savings of a SSD, but if you can only give me 4-16GB at this price point I'll take a traditional hard drive, thanks. 

I'd pay the extra $50 for an MSI wind with 120GB.  I get that these nerbooks are designed for light tasks, but I'd at least like to be able to save some pictures and videos on a vacation on it.

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