Dell Inspiron Duo Dropping in December for $549



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I like. 10 inch screen and Win7 should mean no major problem with Lightroom. I think I just found my field computer to do into my photo bag.



Maybe my eyes deceive me but it appears as if someone has photo shopped in that hand.  I dont know of many people who can easily palm a 10 inch device.



Thats two hands ;)



... a gyro or accelerometer? And will it have a replaceable HDD or battery pack? And the engadget article doesn't mention an SD card slot. Dell taking lessons from the Apple playbook? Close, but still a FAIL.



Not sure if this is going to rock or not, but it looks like a good step in the right direction. The form factor is something we could all admire. However, like the ipad, will there be apps that will take advantage of this design? And will it have the iTunes Store security to keep those apps/programmers inline?

Plus: to the webmaster, using IE 8 the Facebook icon wipes out the first sentence. In Chrome it looks right. Only when I select print view does it look cool again in IE 8. Thanks for fixing this little glitch.

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