Dell Flaunts New OptiPlex Thin Clients and Expanded Desktop Virtualization



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Holly Golightly

I am impressed by this design. This is by far the prettiest work station I have ever seen.



For what you get, they are a bit pricey.  I guess if they sell them cheaper bundled with a server solution... maybe.

Also, what's with the old SIS Mirage graphics (circa 2006 w/DX9 only)?  They offer a dual core Atom upgrade but no video upgrade.  Is the Mirage able to be leveraged by VM software?  Oh well, this is strictly a business client, so maybe no biggie.

This makes sense for Dell, but with these specs and this price, I cannot imagine them flying off the shelves.



History repeats itself.  Things are going back the way of the mainframe with 1 central server sharing resources to thin clients.


Not that it's a bad thing for companies.  Virtualization has done wonders for productivity and costs.



You know your doomed when the "higher end" of something comes with an adam processor...

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