Dell Finds the Business of Slinging PCs "Challenging" as Profits Slip 18 Percent



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Hang on to your hats Dell and other PC Companies. When Window 8 comes out expect your sales to go down unless M$ offers to fix your PC with a new install of WIN 7.

Not to mention iPhone5 and iPad Mini coming out in September. Not looking good!



Anyone whining how bad the tech industry is should try teaching.

At least politicians aren't targeting your pay and benefits for political gain.



If Dell really wants to improve their bottom line,they should try selling Laptop DIY kits. I know I'd buy one today if it was available. Being able to speck out the exact parts for your laptop system the way you want it would be great. The way Dell sales their laptops now just plain s____'s.



Dell should try improving their quality first before releasing any new products or getting into markets they currently are not in. Their laptop system board failure rate on their enterprise laptops are troubling to say the least.



I remember when Dell used to care what they sold. Enough to ship a part for FedEx Saturday delivery at no charge, but that was a long time ago in the scheme of things. Now they've become a corporation too big to really notice anything beyond the stock price. Perhaps if they did they would've seen how Alienware has become stale, overpriced, and under-powered as compared to offerings from other boutique OEMs. Perhaps they would have realized that 1 bad customer review is hundreds of lost sales.



As a former Dell/Alienware customer I would like to add a resounding "Amen." Well put.



We've been hearing a lot about how all the OEM's have been having profit problems this year (except lenovo). They all have their excuses (waiting for windows 8, poor economy, and the "post pc era"). I want one of these companies to post a quarter and then say "you know what? We're not doing well enough. We need to get back out there and give you some RESULTS".

They would then charge off into the distance, make drastic changes, and save the world.

Maybe this is more of a pipe dream.



Dell grew too big - basically they and HP have become IBM. Added services divisions, higher overhead (I was shocked when I read Dell's earnings).



Never mind their chronic throttling. Look at the E6500 (Latitude, BUSINESS CLASS), XPS 1640/45/47. Heck, even the latest XPS15s do this. The excuse is "FurMark and Prime run simultaneously isn't 'realistic' so we aren't going to accommodate it."

Okay, but why does the BIOS on an XPS16 freak out if the CPU hits 60C? Why do I have to install a third-party program, disable BIOS CPU management and tweak the voltages myself to get the system to run correctly? I'm not even doing the "unrealistic" load--I'm trying to play StarCraft II...

Uncrippled, the XPS1640 can hit 104C CPU, 90C GPU. If you prop it up, temperatures are contained better.



If only their QA and QC is better, then I might just feel a little bit bad. But that is obviously the opposite, and I don't feel sorry.
How does some part of a screen turns dimmer after a year? I will never know. How does a bezel "fail" and the glue is obviously applied badly? I don't even want to start. Luckily, the recycle man loves the crap dell produce.



Dell, you make good phones and highend monitors but prebuilt desktops were just not meant to be



Depends on the desktop being built. As much as I love building computers, for most people out there I can't come to the close to a competitive price without installing an alternative OS that most people just aren't ready for.



I assume that you're talking about selling for a profit boxes that you build? If so, then you're correct. But if you mean building a system for yourself, you're doing it wrong. I can build an identical system that beats Dell's pricing hands down, every time. And no bloatware.

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