Dell Debuts Reasonably Priced XPS 625 Gaming PC



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Best of all, no bloatware or spyware installed.  None of that worthless "trialware" stuff either.

I'm just shocked they passed on Intel considering Dell's long term love affair with them, on top of Intel's current price/performance superiority at this time.



When you mention pricing, I'm sure what we general consumers get for retail or OEM is far more than what Dell pays. I also noticed that the video cards are ATI based, wich of course is owned by AMD. So AMD may have made a great package deal with Dell for CPU/GPU combos. It's all about negotiations.

Of course, I build my own too, but I imagine most consumers can't. And if parents are buying a gaming rig for their kid, it's even more likely they don't know how.

On another topic, I find it reassuring that more vendors continue to build gaming specific machines, since we're always hearing those nasty rumors about the 'death' of PC gaming.  Yeah... right.



for that price you could build something so much more capable of gaming, i feel sorry for those who dont build their own systems.

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