Dell Considers Letting Support Techs Hangout In Google+



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If Dell is going to use the same trained monkeys to read scripts they have been slowly but surely replacing most of their tech support with I don't see how spreading them further will help. That's like having the snot nosed, pimple faced teenagers from Geek Squad on chat lines. A mindless script reader is not any more helpful on live chat than they are on the phone.



If the level of service is still as agonizingly slow as some of my calls have been then I am not sure that this will improve things ...



Well, this idea is a double-edged sword.  It really depends on how angry the normie is.  If they're exceptionally angry because they potentially lost important information or a program isn't launching correctly, I'm pretty sure that they're not going to care how personalized the tech support experience is.  They're probably going to care about yelling how important it is to fix their problem ASAP and fitting in as many expletives as possible in between.  However, this will be great for a normie that has the patience to let the person fix the problem; who knows, they might pick up a thing or two afterwards so that the video chats are one-time deals.



Sounds like a good idea to me...probably not so to HP though.

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