Dell Allegedly Colludes with RIAA, Stereo Mix Disabled without Forewarning



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Getting Rid of a Professional Audio Feautre, eh? 

RIAA/DELL is dumb to put such a basic restriction since computers can do professional things. This is like Windows XP Home Edition not being able to join a domain just because they are against Home Users having a Professional Active Directory Server System. Easy, just get Windows XP Professional to bypass that restriction. I have active directory at home, so microsoft is wrong to assume home users don't have domains.

Well, thats just an analogy.

Just get an external USB or PCMCIA Sound Card, such as a Creative Sound Card which can record the audio produced by Windows!

Onboard sound cards suck anyways.



If you software developer you already know that Stereo Mix no longer required. Yes, this feature required only for old DirectSound applications. Microsoft added new api for recording - WASAPI, so you can use WASAPI based software for loopback recording. At this time I have found only one recorder, but I think other software, like Audacity will support WASAPI too.



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I just can say something: They Suck, And they're a Big, Full party of motherfuckers, in the full meaning of this word. I've never been so disappointed with a trademark PC, never have felt such impotence, this kind of, hate, against a company because what it did, it just not so right, and I sincerely thing, DELL's Marketing or Production Director should be judged in a court and all the affected users should be indemnified.



See the post by Dell at claiming that their reason was a last minute pre-release change in Vista specs. I posted there to complain that they knew about the deficiency from the early 2007 Vista release date, yet the XPS 420 desktop I bought in October 2008 still has the same problem. I chastised them for selling me a machine that they new was broken.

Dell's response was to remove my post and block me from the forum.

In the above post they claim they will restore this function in NEW notebooks at the hardware level. So, no problem, you can fix this by merely buying a new Dell notebook.



I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 and noticed this immediately after purchase. After getting on Dell Tech support dozens of times, not one single techie could help me. They must have known of this from thousands of people calling to complain, but could not help me. Thank god for the articles posted and Google, otherwise I wouldnt have found any solutions. They took away the stereo mix feature after the RIAA / Microsoft bullied Dell into doing so, even though it is a feature that can be used for non copyright infringment purposes. The RIAA continues to overstep itself and big brother this country down. The people must rise up against this and stop purchasing computers who puts 1984ish inflated government agencies over its customers.


Thats just my pov



If this is true, aren't potentially thousands of people with computers that aren't computers?  Isen't this the sort of thing that deserves a class action lawsuit?  If I had paid good money for a computer that was "locked" like a cellphone I'd be mighty pissed off and asking for a full refund.


Only an idiot would buy a



Lenovo/IBM previous Thinkpad models supported this.  Current
versions do not and it's not well documented for those doing research
before purchasing.   Unhappy customers have been told it's a
hardware issue and can't be fixed by software.   Discussion
is at








How could the function be disabled?  Cant you just use the ALSA mixer to turn the functionality back on?  Are thexe new sound cards?  I am VERY confused...



This has gone on far too long now. The beast known as the RIAA must be slayne.



At the risk of sounding like a devil's advocate, where's the proof that the RIAA had any involvement in this?  I don't have a stereo mix on the very Dell-purchased, Sigmatel-based work computer I use, and this predates this article by who knows how many years.

I'm quite confident this is a driver issue if anything.  Blame Dell or Sigmatel for being dumb, but the RIAA has absolutely nothing to do with this as far as I can gather. I see no proof whatsoever in any of the linked (or secondary-linked) posts that the RIAA is involved.



Amazing how low the RIAA will go... but even more amazing that Dell is just going along with this.

And it's all stupid anyway - there's other options to record, like Stationripper to record radio/

Oh well, not getting a dell again I guess.



That's just insane. The RIAA has a history of going too far and that just ads another stupid move to a list of stupid moves.

The RIAA and MPAA bully the biggest companies into doing stuff like this and because the general public doesn't know it's caused by arm-twisting from the RIAA they blame the product manufacturer instead of the people who are actually to blame. Even more annoying is that most people would probably go along with the ridiculous trend to blame MS for everything instead of the RIAA (or MPAA when it comes to the ridiculous lengths MS and other software/hardware manufacturers have to go to to please these bullying organizations when it comes to video recording and playback) or even Dell in this case who could have at least refused and taken a stand.

It's bullies secretly getting their way while the unpopular geeks get the blame.



My company bought a bunch of Dell optiplex desktops with realtek HD integrated sound a year ago and they've all got the stereo mix disabled. I did some searching on google for a solution and found what you need to do.

1. Download the SoundMax driver from Dell's website and extract it somewhere. Then open up ADIHDAUD.INF located in SMAXWDM folder in the driver folder.
2. Find the line HKR,AD1984\\Disable, OutR, 1, 01 ;; Disable Stereo Mix Capture Node
3. Change the "01" to 00 and save it
4. Run "setup" and select "uninstall" existing driver - reboot
5. Run "setup" and select "install" new driver - ignore the Windows XP auto install setting and ignore the "non certified" driver warning - reboot
6. Go to start menu > run > type: "regedit" [enter] (without quotes)
7. Click on "edit > search" and look for AD1984.
8. For each registry key/folder of AD1984, find the subfolder/key that says MicBP and OutR and change their associated binary values from 01 to 00. For some people, re-installing the driver in this fashion already produces a 00 while for others, the change must be made manually.
9. Reboot

That should allow you to use Stereo Mix like normal. 



I have a HP Pavilion DV 9000t and With Vista.  I had to manualy re-enable mine. 

right click Sound icon, then go to recording Devices.  then right click the blank area, select "show disabled devices" then you will See "WaveOut Mix", right click it and select Enable.  There you go,

Kiss My * RIAA, The greatest idea in the world, Lets Sue Our Customers!



This is like banning pencils because they can be used to copy a novel.



Nice comment :)

Or maybe banning MS Word and the copy/paste feature because people can plagurize online articles and copy books word for word.


Irritated User

I really am getting sick and tired of this hardware compatibility/interoperability nonsense.  Once, this was for the want of proper engineering solutions--unwritten drivers, bugs, hardware limitations etc.--but now it's seemingly for surreptitious and nefarious reasons such as forcing users into accepting unwanted upgrades, or for more sinister reasons such as collusion between software and hardware manufacturer so that they can control PC users' habits.

This 'Stereo Mix' issue smells to high heaven as if it's in same vein as others.

Recently, Dell has been selling PCs, especially laptops, that cannot be DOWNGRADED from Vista to XP as the Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio (SP33867) is not properly supported by Microsoft and no one supplies an appropriate replacement XP driver for the RealTek HD Audio chip.

Thus, we have the ludicrous and ridiculous situation of where XP installs AOK on these Dell laptops EXCEPT for the audio (of which there is none--forget High Definition audio, there's not even a whisper of low definition mono).  Of course, this suits Microsoft who is very eager to sell you a Vista O/S [and you will have already bought one with the laptop anyway], but it begs the question of why it is only the audio as they could have crippled the downgrade in many other ways.  At an earlier time--before HD audio and the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)--Microsoft would have been very keen to have its O/S work on as much hardware as was possible, so what has changed?

Seems to me that under cover of darkness a big repugnant rat comes out and urinates all over the delicate works, you mightn't catch him in the act but you can smell him everywhere.

Can anyone shed more light on this?  What facts do we actually know about the RIAA's involvement and or why are hardware manufactures becoming so complicit in locking users out of their PCs or in forcing them to accepting certain hardware functionality only on their terms?  (Not long ago the exact opposite would have been true, they would have wanted to offer as many functions as was possible and make them available to users in the most flexible way.)

What we need is a site or a hardware compatibility page here on this site that lists, and where possible, provides quick references or fixes for all of these artificially concocted aberrations, which collectively waste many thousands of users' hours not to mention forcing them into accepting unnecessary and expensive upgrades.

If nothing else, it would expose complicit hardware manufacturers such as the likes of Dell and the word would soon get around about what hardware NOT to buy.

Any ideas, anyone?






Nothing the RIAA does surprises me any more. Not after seeing the items they wanted included in the new copyright law that's being worked on. One that I distinctly remember was having guards at border crossings search people for unauthorized music copies. Yes, really. Because you know, if you're coming over from Mexico it's really really important for the US that you don't bring back any illegal MP3s on your Ipod. Someone could get sick and die from that crap!!

 They've gone so far off they deep end, they don't even pretend that their propositions/demands should be logical any more. 

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