Dell Begins Shipping 'Thinnest 15-inch PC on the Planet'



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Battery not removeable, I'll pass. You know the battery will have to be replaced within the lifetime of the pc. Too bad it sounded really nice for a 15"...


Big Hoss

I like the design, but I think they make a mistake when the highest-end version doesn't have bluray.  Especially when the Netgear Push2TV is around and it boasts a 1080p screen.  Does this seem weird to anyone else?  Maybe I just don't understand something.


Holly Golightly

Hmm, the Adamo and this XPS do not match up exactly. The Adamo 13 is 0.65 inches thick. I do not think Dell ever released an Adamo above or below 13 inches. This XPS does however looks more closer to the Pearl Adamo 13 because it has a gray keyboard, while the MacBook Pro has a black keyboard... I am not sure on that... It is much more affordable in price than the Adamo, so I will give it that. One thing I have always liked about Dell is that they are bold about competition against Apple. I freaking love them for that! I really like the speaker design of the XPS 15z! I am glad Dell is always producing the thinest laptops of the planet. I wish Dell never discontinued the Adamo brand, but also I have an XPS that performs wonderfully. Maybe they could bring back the Adamo again??? By the way, great price on those specs! Dell is the best.

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