Dell to Begin Fixing Alienware M11x Hinge Issue in March



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When will they begin manufacturing new units with the improved hinges?  Be nice to pick one up that won't have any issues. 




I realize I'm not referring to this specific model...but the M17x is the daddy to this netbook! and I told the alienware tech that I would go on every web site I could find and tell people of the problems I have with my laptop and my experiences with dell/allienware. So, here I am! One month after my warranty expiration my discrete video card died on me. After many attempts with dell and alienware to get assistance with my problem I gave up with that and tore apart my $3000 laptop. Only to discover that the thermal paste was baked! It appeared that the paste wasn't applied across the GPU completely so I attempted to contact dellware again and see if they would help me now considering that it looked like a manufacturing defect. Again, no luck, it was at this point that I decided that I would warn people of the lack of support from dellware. After a year and a half of poor customer service, non-existent driver support and an almost completely fried video card I warn all to buy a name that stands behind their product. Telling a customer they have to spend $400 more on a 13 mo old $3000 laptop is ludicrous. Some may argue that the warranty is what it is and suck it up. But we aren't talking about a $200 netbook here. It would seem to me that when dell took over alienware they completely neutered the company and most of its products as well!

PS I went to the alienware web site and posted my review of my laptop that was not favorable! It never got posted and I received an email from dell asking if they could reconcile and help me with my problem. After over a week with no response to my return email I feel even more inclined to post my issues with dell as much as possible.



Your story doesn't surprise me in the least soldierblue. Alienware turned into garbage after their acquisition by Dell was complete. Their customer service ratings tanked, reports cropped up more and more of shoddy assembly, flimsy case designs, and overheating issues. Alienware only exists to replace Dell's high end computers now; the boutique manufacturer that assembled awe-inspiring computers with the love and care of an enthusiast is dead.

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