Dell and Facebook Work Up Hype For Cloud Computing Announcement



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Besides, what the is Cloud Computing anyway, lol?

Like really, is there a concrete definition or tech behind it, all I ever hear/see is buzz like "Simplified off-site soulition" and others which just confuse me, huh? 


for the lolz

That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm getting sick of reading about cloud computing and only have the most vague clue as to what it actually does.


Dells marketing ploy for cloud computing.--" buy the thing that does stuff"

Every single article that's even remotly related to cloud computing NEVER ever goes into what exactly it is.



I do it for the LolZ. =)



from what I understand cloud computing is a lot like Folding at home, except there's much smaller WU's. also another to think of it is basically like bittorrent but for CPU's, after all bittorrent is cloud networking



"...I just can’t get excited about the next generation of cloud computing without knowing more about what the announcement is"

I also find it difficult to get excited about anything Facebook-related.

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