Dell Already Offering New Zunes for 15% Off



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I tried buying the Zune HD with the coupon code above.  No good.  Dell says something about the item not meeting the coupon criteria.


Once again, this MaxPC website has led me astray....



How come the Zune is US-only until now?



This deal seems dead.



The last time I ordered from Dell, it took me a freaking month to get my video card.

I think I'd rather just pay the extra 15% and go elsewhere.



A good deal in all respects... and being a musician and an audiophyle (somewhat reformed, heheh), I know this player blows the apple brands out of the water, soundwise. The question is, is it worth it for me to switch my entire library? I currently use and own an Iphone and have gotten used to Itunes and its clunky interface. I have organized my whole library to conform to the apple format so I can play my music on my phone. I have never bought a player, having been lucky enough to receive all my devices as gifts throughout the years. But now I grow tired of my music being interrupted by calls and my phone being unable to play in the background while i do other things... so I need a discreet new player. Can anyone recomend a good converter (free or otherwise) that will allow me to transform my library to a compatible Zune format? What is the best file type for sound quality that Zune will play and that wont bloat out my music files to an unmanageable size? I want the best of both worlds... good sound and good size. I know losless files are best but they can get rather large, correct?

Thanks for any advice. Doing a good deal of research before I make my decision!


Hearken all... The Ravenlord

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