Dell Adamo's Achilles Heel: Battery Not User Replaceable



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Sebie Kay

Will this impact sales of the notebook?  Personally, I am not sure it will.  After all, this is more of a designer notebook, not targeted towards mainstream business. I wouldn't put this kind of money into a machine that I would haul around a power plant or automated equipment that wasn't designed to take a few knocks and drops (hello panasonic toughbook!!)

 This seems geared more toward the upper class or people who need a computer to be portable to take from office to home, but always have it plugged in when they are using it.  

So while the battery issue would sway me from buying the notebook... I have already been swayed just because of the price tag! 

Just my 2 cents! 

-=Do unto others... THEN RUN!!=-



I hate it when marketers try to make their product names sound foreign because usually, they have no clue what they are talking about.

Adamo means "I fall in love with" in Latin.  It's fairly obvious that Dell wanted to name the laptop after the Latin word which means "to admire, lust after or fall in love with".  That would be adamare.  Adamo is the inflected form of the word.

Also, no user replaceable battery makes this laptop a no buy for me or my customers (I am a Dell VAR)

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